Robust Scalable Systems Software Lab

We focus on building systems with performance, efficiency, and robustness. We build practical systems by understanding the intricacies of existing layers in both software and hardware; and revisiting the design in a principled manner. Our research contributions have been published in top academic conferences, and have made great impacts on real-world programs, such as the Linux kernel. We are specifically interested in hiring students who are interested in exploring concurrency, disaggregation, and virtualization. If you are interested in exploring such topics, please contact Sanidhya with your CV.

NOTE: A postdoc position is available in the area of concurrent algorithm design, OS, or resource disaggregation.

News (all/23/22/21)

  • [15/04/2023] Skadi is accepted to HotOS'23!
  • [23/03/2023] TCLock is accepted to OSDI'23!
  • [09/12/2022] Tenet is accepted to FAST'23!
  • [19/03/2022] Odinfs and SynCord are accepted to OSDI'22!
  • [07/08/2021] Flock and PACTree are accepted to SOSP'21!
  • [13/04/2021] C3 is accepted to HotOS!
  • [12/03/2021] NrOS is accepted to OSDI'21!